How To Test Gold

How To Tell If Gold Is Real

You will need to:

Magnet Jewellery Cleaning Cloth Silver Cleaning Solution Face Powder Pad. You may also be concerned in: What is more expensive white or yellow gold Steps to follow:

  1. One of the simplest tests is that of the magnet. Putting a magnet near the jewel will know if it is gold or some other metal plated in gold. If the ‘jewel’ is attracted to the metal, we will be sure that it is not gold. If it is not attracted, however much we put the magnet to the jewel, we will have a first proof that the jewel is of quality.
  2. Rub the gold with a jewellery cleaning cloth. If the gold is false, a few passes with the cloth will suffice to remove the gold
  3. Place the gold in a silver cleaning solution. After a day, the real gold does not rust, however, the metals plated in gold if they do.
  4.  Rub gold jewel powder with a dusting pad. Rub the gold against the dust on your skin. If you make a black dot, you will be facing real gold.

Sometimes it is enough to just have a look to know if it is gold or not. With a magnifying glass of several increases, we will have to look for the classic marks that have all the pieces of gold and that reflect their karats. We can find a mark of 10, 14, 18, 22 or 24K, although it is possible that the mark has been purposely put into a counterfeit, so we should continue to try.

In a glass container, we can pour a special cleaning solution for silver and place our piece of gold submerged for a whole day. If when we go to check the container there is no change, it is very possible that it is gold. But if there are dark remains in the liquid, like rust, the jewel is a metal with a light gold bath. The difference is a lot!

With a plate or any other ceramic object, we can also know if a piece is a gold or not. On the one hand, the ceramic piece must be unglazed and an area that is not too visible should be used. We will pass the jewel over, with a little pressure. If you leave a line of dark color is not gold, however, if the line is gold, we will have a piece of gold.

Still confused How To Tell If Gold Is Real? check out this video.


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