A diamond can be the best friend of a woman, according to the famous saying, but it can also be her worst enemy. If the stone turns out to be a fake, and you cannot figure out if it’s real, the world will break away under the woman. It seems that only a professional geologist or jeweller should recognize a fake diamond. Believe it or not, there are too many scammers trying to sell you a piece of plastic or glass, claiming it is a precious stone. In fact, not so long ago a very attentive wife gave her future daughter-in-law a beautiful 2-carat diamond engagement ring, but she devastatingly discovered that it’s worthless.

Buying diamonds is different than any of the other purchases you would ever make. They buy a rare commodity that is highly demanded, and its prices are also rising high. To prevent such a terrible scenario, you need to be able to take precautionary measures and recognize a true diamond. So we decided to give some points that could help.


Do you have a jewel and do not know if the diamond is shiny or not? Pay attention to the following article, since in we explain how to recognize a diamond. With these simple tips, you will know if your brilliant is true or not. In case you fail to recognize it, you can always take it to an appraiser. If you want to recognize a diamond for yourself and determine its authenticity, take note of the following tricks.

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1Reflexes: Look at the alleged diamond very closely. Diamond, like many gemstones, has its own particular shine. You should make sure that the reflections it gives off are greyish. If so, it is more likely to be an authentic diamond than if the reflections are of other colours. Pay attention!

 2Reading: This trick can work great. Place the gloss on a written paper, a book or a newspaper. You will be able to determine authenticity as you can read the text, clearly, through it. If you can do it, it is a fake diamond, but it is very likely that you have an authentic diamond in your hands.


3Air. The vapour that gives off the air is a good ally to know if your diamond is true. Take a deep breath. If the air of this exhalation lingers on the stone before it evaporates, the diamond will be false. If it were true, the exhalation would bring nothing, or almost nothing, into the diamond.

 4Water. This liquid can also help you recognize a diamond. The weight of the stone will be decisive because if the diamond were real it would sink immediately. In case it was false, it would assume that the weight would be less so it would float in the water. Check it!

 5.If by doing all these checks you still do not have the authenticity of the diamond clear, go to a professional. A jeweller will give you a rough estimate and you can determine with certainty if your diamond is true or false.


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