Are you knowing for cleaning and care tips for your gold jewellery? In the following article, you will learn why gold jewellery is running and how to clean your gold jewellery.


The start of gold jewellery.


Gold with low carat numbers such as 8, 14 or 18 carats is often worn when worn. This leads to black deposits of skin or clothing and the gold jewellery discolours. Pure gold would not start, but it is too soft to be used as jewellery. To make a certain hardness or colour it is, therefore “mixed” with base metals.


This is due to the additional metals with which the gold was “mixed”. Silver, for example, produces a chemical reaction which is usually formed by sulphur-like gases, such as happened in the air. Also, components like zinc can lead to unsafe tarnishing. Zinc reacts, for example, to ammonia, which occurs in the skin.


The cleaning of gold jewellery with specialized means


In the jewellery trade and also in our jewellery shop you get gold cleaning cloths to clean gold jewellery. These are impregnated with special, cleaning substances and polishes and guarantee a gentle cleaning for the jewellery. Special cleaning baths and cleaning pastes are also available for gold jewellery. However, these are usually highly toxic to corrosive. Cleaning should therefore only be carried out with protective gloves with the utmost care. Please observe the instructions for use and keep the cleaner closed and safe from children!


Another way to clean gold jewellery is using an ultrasonic cleaner. With vibrations caused by ultrasonic waves, jewellery, watches, spectacles and other objects are free of dirt and dust. Ultrasonic cleaners are available in the well-stocked specialist trade, often also at the discounter.


Please note that jewellery with stones or pearls is usually not suitable for cleaning bathrooms or cleaning devices. Please read cautiously the working instructions.

 Home Remedy:

More tips, How to clean gold jewellery,

For light soiling, you usually only need dishwashers and a soft, scratch-free cloth. Put a few drops of rinse in lukewarm water and place your gold jewellery in for some time. Dirt, dust, and grease should now dissolve. Then rinse the jewellery with clear water and gently dry.

how to clean gold jewellery

Also cleaning with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush can make your gold jewellery shine with a new shine. Simply put some toothpaste on the jewellery, leave it for a moment, then brush gently over the gold. Then you need only rinse the jewellery under clear water and dry. Gold jewellery glitters like new again.


Another way to clean gold jewellery is the use of cleaning agents for the third parties. Simply place the jewellery in a glass with a dentist and let it work for you. The next morning, rinse the jewellery under running water and dry it with a soft cloth. Finished!


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